The AquaFlux™ is the top-performing evaporimeter for TransEpidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

Unique Features

  • Patented condenser technology for best repeatability
  • Patented wall-mounted sensors to keep clean
  • Measurements independent of temperature & contact pressure
  • Quality control of measurements
  • One instrument many applications
  • 3-years parts & labour warranty
  • Free software updates
  • User calibration with droplet method (independently verified by NPL)


  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10
  • Operating temperature: 15-28°C
  • Operating humidity: <80% RH
  • Probe with Start/Stop push-button
  • Measurement caps, autoclavable to 180 °C


  • No recovery time between measurements
  • Undisturbed by ambient air movements
  • Highest repeatability, accuracy, sensitivity
  • User comfort: any site, any angle, anywhere
  • Optional multilingual on-site training
  • Calculation of SSWL & desorbed water
  • Measuerments independent of operator and location


  • Efficacy and claims support
  • TEWL of skin, lips, nail, …
  • In-vivo, in-vitro & in-culture adaptors
  • Membrane integrity testing
  • Medical research
  • Perspiration studies
  • Zoology / animal health
  • Desorption measurements

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