Pioneering Developer of research-grade TEWL + Skin Hydration Measurement Devices AquaFlux & Epsilon


AquaFlux™ condenser-chamber TEWL measurement device uses a unique patented technology that eliminates weaknesses associated with other open and closed chamber TEWL measurement devices, providing users with unrivalled application flexibility, sensitivity and accuracy.

For over two decades, customers worldwide have been using our patented technology to provide faster, more accurate characterisations of bio-tissues such as skin, hair & nails, and their interactions with cosmetic, pharmaceutical & medical products. Read more on AquaFlux.

Epsilon™ skin hydration measurement device, uses a calibrated capacitance contact imaging system with exceptional analysis capabilities for moisture content, perspiration, membrane integrity, wrinkles & skin topology (micro-relief).

Epsilon Dermalyser™ Stand-alone Image Analysis Software. Specifically developed for cosmetics and pharmaceutical studies, the software is equipped with hydration image analysis tools such as data comparison, e.g., skin post-treatment vs. pre-treatment, available to all Epsilon E100 users and non-users.

TEWL + Skin Hydration Instruments AquaFlux and Epsilon E100
TEWL + Skin Hydration Instruments AF200 and E100