AquaFlux™ User Feedback

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We routinely use our 3 Aquaflux™ probes in clinical trials which perform well with reliable data.
Dr. David Black, Skin Research Centre, Pierre Fabre Dermocosmétique, France.


It is my pleasure to recommend the Aquaflux™. As a device we have found it to be durable, that it is easy to calibrate and use and measures quickly. The measurements are highly repeatable with little variation between users. Biox has provided great service. Before the sale they took the time and effort to understand our particular needs (measurement in critically ill premature neonates). The personal training got us up to speed in short order. Since our purchase, Biox has engineered a USB solution for our parallel adapter device that has allowed us to use newer computers with our older Aquaflux™. Our questions have always been answered promptly and completely, although we have had little need for support.
Dr. Charles R Hamm, Jr. University of South Alabama Children’s and Women’s Hospital, USA.


We have two AquaFlux™ devices in the laboratory and they are used by everyone in the group. We find them reliable, robust and accurate, providing data in which we have full confidence. Technical support from the manufacturer is exemplary.
Prof. Richard H. Guy, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, University of Bath. UK.


Aquaflux™ is an easy-to-use device. The closed chamber allows more relevant and reproducible measurements of TEWL than other devices. We enjoy very much to use it and to work with Biox team, always ready to cross Europe to help us!
Anne Viola, Laboratoire Dermscan, France.


The Aquaflux™ is an excellent instrument that has performed robustly even in our three month old baby study. The BIOX Team is always available to answer questions down the line, and I can highly recommend it for both clinical and research use.
Dr Carsten Flohr, National Institute for Health Research, UK.


A versatile instrument, reliable for many in vivo and in vitro measurements with reproducible data, easy to manipulate, broader applications in personal care, pharma, dermatological research. The software is well written, user friendly, and the manual is easy to read and follow. Well done to the Biox team!!!!
Mihaela Gorcea, International Specialty Products, USA.


Time and again our Aquaflux™ has performed well in our clinical studies. The ability to see and analyse the water coming from the skin in real time gives it a distinct advantage over conventional ‘single digit’ devices.
Dr Jonathan Crowther, Procter and Gamble, UK.


The Aquaflux™ is highly pratical for measuring the TEWL. We are using it in vivo and in vitro. The data are reproducible and the customer support is excellent.
Prof. Claudia Valenta, University of Vienna, Austria.


New user in 2008 I was very pleased to have invaluable help and good support from Biox team to use Aquaflux™ to its best avantage. Today researchers and technicians of our lab are agree to say that AquaFlux™ is a good equipment, easy to use, with reproducible data.(We use this device in wound healing studies).
Cécile Cléry-Barraud,PhD. IRBA, La Tronche, France.


We are getting on quite well with the AquaFlux™ indeed! we are exploring with this equipment the quantification and early detetction of malfunctioning of sudomotor neurons in patients suffering e.g. diabetic neuropathy, CRPS, small fibre neuropathy, critical illness etc and thereby may contribute a new diagnostic clinical tool.
Dr Roman Ruckwied, Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, University of Heidelberg, Germany.


The AquaFlux™ is a very good device and the staff of Biox is very competent and nice.
Marc Crozet, Essor Technologies, France.


I’m very happy with the AqaFlux, it’s easy to operate the machine and the manual is very readily comprehensible written.
LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG, Germany.


I have been investigating the biophysical properties of the skin since the early 70s. Over the years the technology to probe the nature of the stratum corneum has advanced significantly and one determinant that is particularly important is the transepidermal water loss. Various approaches have been made to accomplish this but my research team finds that the Aquaflux™ proves a simple, reliable and robust method for monitoring TEWL. It does not suffer the vagaries of open chamber equipment and the various parameters that can be obtained from the data that the Aquaflux™ provides give very good indicators of the water flux through the skin and the capacity of the skin for water. Its sophistication has allowed us to conduct a detailed analysis of the variation of TEWL with body site and relate this to the diffusional pathlength of water through the stratum corneum. Any laboratory interested in the barrier properties of the skin should evaluate this technology for its ease of use and reliability.
Prof Jon Hadgraft, London School of Pharmacy, UK.


In our institute we are using the Aquaflux™ in an unusual application to evaluate the water behavior of fabrics and textiles components. This device gives accurate and reliable measurements. Its use is very simple and the staff is very competent.
Dr Olivier Raphaël, R&D Projects manager, IFTH, France.


The measuring capacity of the Aquaflux™ allows us to use the instrument in exercise physiology in the evaluation of sweat rates. The instrument is easy in use, no discomfort for the athletes and real time results.
Professor Peter Clarys, Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.


The AquaFlux is a user friendly instrument that provides more accurate and reproducible measurements compared to open chamber TEWL measuring instruments. Ideal for assessing skin barrier function and water loss for in-vivo clinical studies.
Michelle Walsh, Oriflame R&D Ltd, Ireland.