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LI Ciortea, E Fonseca, J Sarramagnan and RE Imhof.
The Essential Stratum Corneum, R Marks, JL Lévêque & R Vögeli Eds, Martin Dunitz Ltd, London, UK, 2002, pp255-7.



We report measurements of changes in TEWL and stratum corneum hydration during prolonged exposure of skin to the microclimate of a new TEWL measurement head, where the relative humidity in the immediate vicinity of the skin surface is maintained at ~10%. The results show that the exposure leads to a steady but small decrease of TEWL of ~0.1% per minute and a slight increase of mean hydration of ~0.05% per minute. These changes cannot be attributed directly to the microclimate, but are, in any case, too small to affect the accuracy of this new method of TEWL measurement.


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