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LI Ciortea, D O’Driscoll, EP Berg, P Xiao, FC Pascut and RE Imhof.
Proceedings: 4th International Symposium on Humidity and Moisture, Center for Measurement Standards, ITRI, RoC, ISBN 957-774-423-0, 2002, pp206-13.



We report new methods for measuring water desorption and vapour permeation rates in membranes. They make use of a new instrument, the AquaFlux™, for measuring water vapour flux density from arbitrary surfaces. In the present study, the AquaFlux™ measurement head was combined with purpose-designed test cells for characterising membranes. An important feature of the instrument for such measurements is the precise control of the microclimate to which the samples are exposed, irrespective of ambient conditions. Results from cotton and polyester textiles are used to illustrate the measurements.


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