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M Moldovan and LI Ciortea.
Farmacia 56(6), 787-794, 2010.



In this study three cream formulations were compared in order to assess the influence of different kind of excipients on the skin barrier and stratum corneum hydration.
The first cream was formulated based on lipophilic emollients: petrolatum, paraffin oil, cetylstearilic alcohol, cetyl palmitate and paraffin, the second cream was formulated based on emollients (cetylstearilic alcohol, cetyl palmitate) and humectants (urea and glycerin), both as oil-in-water emulsions, and the third cream contained emollients (paraffin oil, cetyl palmitate, cetylstearilic alcohol) and humectants (urea and glycerin) in a multiple emulsion system, water-oil-water type, of second order and three components.
The formulations were tested on the forearm of 10 healthy volunteers. The measurements were performed at room temperature (22± 2 C) and 45% ± 2% relative humidity. Skin conditions in terms of water content of the stratum corneum and transepidermal water loss (TEWL) were analyzed before creams application and at several time-intervals after cream application, during 4 hours. The best hydration was obtained when the multiple emulsions were used and also the duration of hydration was the greatest. The TEWL values are not significantly influenced by the studied formulations.


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