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EP Berg, FC Pascut, LI Ciortea, D O’Driscoll, P Xiao and RE Imhof.
Proceedings: 4th International Symposium on Humidity and Moisture, Center for Measurement Standards, ITRI, RoC, ISBN 957-774-423-0, 2002, pp288-95.



The AquaFlux™ is a newly developed instrument for the non-invasive measurement of water vapour flux density from arbitrary surfaces. We present a brief description and theoretical analysis using a one-dimensional analytical model, complemented by a more realistic three-dimensional finite element model of the temperature and vapour density distributions within the measurement chamber. From these, properties including response time, measurement span, linearity and other errors can be calculated. These, together with experimental measurements provide a detailed description of the capabilities and limitation of this approach to water vapour flux density measurement. The capabilities of the instrument are illustrated with measurements of the rate of drying of a pre-soaked block of wood in ambient air.


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