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Bob Imhof
Poster Presentation, COMET 2017, Cergy Pontoise, France.



Recent research has shown that biometric fingerprint sensors that respond to capacitance changes associated with touch can also be used for characterising static and dynamic skin properties including hydration, microrelief and solvent penetration. With a typical spacial resolution of 50µm and a depth resolution of ~20µm, such contact imaging sensors are well matched to the characteristic dimensions of stratum corneum (SC) and hair.

However, whilst such sensors are excellent for visualisation, their measurement performance is limited by their non-linear response, chip-to-chip and pixel-to-pixel variability. Linearisation and calibration are therefore essential to ensure that quantitative image evaluations are meaningful and consistent from instrument to instrument and from time to time.

The Epsilon™ Model E100 (Biox Systems Ltd, England) is currently the only instrument with a linearised and calibrated response. By contrast, an otherwise similar contact imaging instrument (MoistureMap Model MM100, CK Technology sprl, Belgium) can only be used to give a qualitative indication of hydration heterogeneity, with the manufacturer recommending that the Corneometer® (Courage + Khazaka GmbH, Germany) be used for measurement.

The poster presents the background science of the Epsilon™ system together with in-vivo static and dynamic measurement examples.


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