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Bob Imhof & George Kramer.
Poster Presentation, SCC Annual Scientific Meeting & Technology Showcase, New York 2007.



The importance of TEWL measurement in cosmetics testing for efficacy and safety is well recognised. At present, the open-chamber method is the most popular. However, its dominance is now challenged by new technology using a closed measurement chamber equipped with a condenser for microclimate control. Whilst the characteristics of the open-chamber method are well recognised, there is still uncertainty about the capabilities of this new approach.

In this poster, we present a mathematical model of the TEWL measurement process that can be applied to both open-chamber and condenser-chamber methods. We use it to calculate microclimate disturbance when such measurement chambers are applied to previously uncovered skin. Also, we model the relationship between measured TEWL and diffusion barrier resistance of the skin, from which the measurement range can be estimated. Experimental data to be presented include in-vivo TEWL measurements and calibration data by the traceable new droplet method.


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