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P Xiao, LI Ciortea, H Singh, EP Berg and RE Imhof.
Poster Presentation, OEESC Conference, Edinburgh 2009.



Water in stratum corneum (SC) plays an important role in SC cosmetic properties as well as its barrier functions. SC water concentration and trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) are two key indexes in SC barrier function measurements. In this study, we used a capacitance based Fingerprint sensor to occlude skin for about 1 minute, measuring time dependent SC water concentration occlusion curves. The corresponding TEWL values were measured by using condenser-TEWL method. The results show that both SC water concentration and TEWL values increased immediately after the skin was damaged and tended to reduce towards normal levels as the skin gradually recovered under ambient condition. The time dependent SC water concentration occlusion curves showed a significant difference in shape between normal skin and damaged skin. After a period of time, even when TEWL almost back to normal, the SC occlusion curves were still different from those of normal skin, indicating that SC was still damaged.


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