Epsilon™ Model E100 Contact Imaging System



The Epsilon™ is a contact imaging system that responds to capacitance. Its proprietary  technology maps the sensor’s non-linear response onto a linear scale with a capacitance range from air to water. Its calibration ensures that every pixel in the image provides a reproducible  measurement  that can be interpreted in terms of hydration.

Unique Features

  • Visualisation AND Measurement
  • Linear and calibrated response
  • Hydration imaging with 256 levels of sensitivity
  • Image filtration to remove artefacts
  • Snapshot, burst & video capture & analysis
  • Event-triggered image capture
  • Heterogeneity analysis via StDev, RoI & histogram
  • Real-time RoI & histogram displays
  • Auto-save options under study name
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powered by USB
  • Free software updates


  • Efficacy and claims support
  • Static & dynamic hydration imaging
  • Micro-relief analysis for skin ageing
  • Illustration of skin lesion and sun damage
  • Hair moisture assessment


  • Live streaming to 300 frames/minute
  • Comprehensive records of measurements & analyses
  • Spring-loaded sensor for consistent contact force
  • In-vitro accessories
  • Dual display of reference & analysis images
  • Analysis option without a connected instrument
  • Excel-compatible analysis results files


  • Capacitance measurement principle
  • 50μm image resolution
  • <5μm sensing depth
  • Sensing area 12.8 x 15mm, 76800 pixels
  • Optional foot switch

Product Description




Requirements for Use


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