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RE Imhof, P Xiao, EP Berg & LI Ciortea.
Poster, ISBS World Congress on Non-Invasive Studies of the Skin, Philadelphia, September 2005.



The aim of this study was to develop a protocol for the rapid measurement of TEWL for a condenser-chamber instrument.

There are two main components to rapid TEWL measurement: (i) the measurement time itself and (ii) the recovery time before the next measurement can be started. The established TEWL guidelines for open-chamber instruments recommend taking a recovery time into consideration before starting the next measurement. With unventilated-chamber instruments, speed is determined more by time spent clearing the chamber of accumulated vapour than by time spent measuring flux. Condenser-chamber instruments are different, because the active microclimate control maintains consistent measurement conditions, permitting measurement protocols without recovery time to be developed. This approach was evaluated using both in-vivo and in-vitro measurements.

Recent studies have indicated that the closed, unventilated-chamber method is capable of rapid TEWL measurement. Since rapid is an adjective without absolute meaning, we thought it worthwhile to relate the speed and performance of the condenser-chamber site-hopping protocol with an equivalent rapid-measurement protocol for an unventilated-chamber instrument.


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