Droplet Calibration Method


Calibration is crucial. Use multiple instruments, share data with collaborators, relate what you did yesterday with what you plan for tomorrow, defend your claims in court – the list is endless. The alternative is normalisation, but that wastes information.

The AquaFlux™ is the only TEWL instrument to use the droplet calibration method, which has been verified by an independent Standards Laboratory (National Physical Laboratory, UK). Not only can the droplet method be traced to fundamental measures, it has also been shown to bring TEWL readings from different instruments closer into agreement.

No need to rely on proprietary calibration methods. No need to send your instrument for re-calibration. You can check the calibration of an AquaFlux™ yourself in about half an hour. We supply the micro-syringe and the software. You supply 500nL of water.


Flux Calibration Use the micro-syringe supplied with your instrument to dispense a 500nL droplet of distilled or deionised water into a closed calibration cap. Attach the cap to the measurement chamber and press the red probe button. That’s it.
Droplet Calibration The software displays the evaporated water quantity as a time-series such as shown on the left. The calibration works by equating the evaporated quantity measured by the instrument with the quantity of water you dispensed with the syringe.