Model AF200 AquaFlux™ (Order Code: AF200-01) is supplied in a rugged aluminium case, complete with instruction manual, instrument passport, measurement and calibration accessories, and USB cable. The universal power packs are quailfied for medical use. They come with European, UK or US plugs and we supply adaptors for other outlets. The standard warranty is 3 years (parts and labour) and this can optionally be extended to 5 years.


List of Main Components:


  • Probe
  • Parking base
  • Universal power pack
  • USB cable
  • 2 Standard measurement caps
  • 2 calibration caps
  • Calibration microsyringe (0.5 microLitre)
  • USB flash drive with software & documentation Bits & pieces
  • Instruction Manual & Instrument Passport

The software supplied with the instument runs on a (user-supplied) PC or laptop computer and communicates with the instrument via a real-time USB connection. It is compatible with all current and recent versions of the Windows operating system (XP/Vista/7/8/10), see Requirements for Use for a detailed specification. Software updates are free for icenced users.


The software provides functions for measurement, calibration, display and storage. All functions are easily reached via buttons, tabs and drop-down menus. Shown here is a typical screenshot after a TEWL measurement.



Data are saved automatically in Excel-compatible, tab-separated values (tsv) format. Shown here is an example of a TEWL measurements file.

The AquaFlux™ is straightforward to use. The instruction material is comprehensive, and support is just an e-mail away. In addition, our optional on-site training, in Chinese, English, French or German, aims to build confidence in a new instrument using a new measurement principle, and to liberate you from the arcane world of open-chamber TEWL Guidelines (see FAQ 9).




AquaFlux TEWL Measurement System
AquaFlux TEWL Measurement System

Requirements for Use


Declaration of Conformity