Option AF200-02: AquaFlux™ with Laptop Data Station

AF200 Data Station AquaFlux™ instrument supplied with a laptop computer, configured with pre-loaded and tested AquaFlux™ software. Choose between a super-compact model and one with a comfortably large keyboard & display. By default, the laptop will have a UK keyboard and UK-English Windows operating system, but this can be varied at extra cost.


Note that the laptop computer is covered by its manufacturer’s warranty, not the Biox warranty.



Option AF003-xx: On-site Training

We offer on-site training to new users of the AquaFlux™. A typical training session takes half a day and follows a pattern of (i) PowerPoint presentation with live demo covering all aspects of AquaFlux™ use and care, and (ii) hands-on familiarisation and (iii) software installation & testing on one or more customer PCs or laptops.

On-site training complements the AquaFlux™ instruction material and helps you to get the best performance from your instrument. Training sessions can optionally be conducted in Chinese, English, French or German.

Another option is to arrange a training session at Biox premises next time you visit London.


Option AF004-01: Passport Service

The passport service checks out every aspect of an instrument’s condition and performance against the original specification. Minor problems are rectified and the instrument is re-calibrated and issued with an updated passport. Use this service as preparation for major studies, especially if you need independent proof of functionality.