We manufacture High quality, scientifically validated TEWL measurement instruments. Our highly accurate TEWL measurement Instrument the AquaFlux can also be used for SSWL, membrane integrity testing & much more. Read more about Biox Systems pioneering products.

Pioneering Developer of research-grade TEWL + Skin Hydration Measurement Instruments

AquaFlux™ condenser-chamber TEWL measurement instruments uses a unique patented technology that eliminates weaknesses associated with other open and closed chamber TEWL measurement Instruments, providing users with unrivalled application flexibility, sensitivity and accuracy.
Epsilon™ skin hydration measurement instruments, uses a calibrated capacitance contact imaging system with exceptional analysis capabilities for moisture content, perspiration, membrane integrity, wrinkles & skin topology (micro-relief).
For over two decades, customers worldwide have been using our patented technology to provide faster, more accurate characterisations of bio-tissues such as skin, hair & nails, and their interactions with cosmetic, pharmaceutical & medical products.


AquaFlux™ Evapometer Instrument

The AquaFlux™ is an evaporimeter for TEWL measurement with a unique patented technology that overcomes challenges of both open and closed-chamber methods with a condenser that continuously removes water vapour by converting it to ice. AquaFlux™ out-performs all its competitors in terms of accuracy, sensitivity, repeatability, reproducibility and versatility (supported by numerous studies available). More …

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Epsilon™ E100 Skin Hydration Measurement Instrument

The Epsilon™ integrated technology provides both image and hydration data simultaneously (suitable for both in vivo + in vitro measurements). It differs from similar devices in its linear and calibrated response, where every pixel in the image provides a reproducible measurement that can be interpreted in terms of hydration. Equipped with 76800 sensors the Epsilon™ can measure SC hydration with greater accuracy and flexibility than conventional single-sensor probes. More …

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Epsilon Dermalyser™

Stand-alone Image Analysis Software

We are pleased to announce our new stand-alone software: the Epsilon-Dermalyser. Specifically developed for cosmetics and pharmaceutical studies, the software is equipped with hydration image analysis tools such as data comparison, e.g., skin post-treatment vs. pre-treatment, available to all Epsilon E100 users and non-users.
Novelty features include:
a) modifiable rectangular RoI (Region of Interest)
b) image builder tool for larger area skin images
c) 3-D image presentation to emphasise skin surface texture
An example of a large area skin hydration image, pre-treatment and post-treatment, is shown in Figure 1:

Biox Systems products Dermalyser

Figure 1. Large area skin hydration image: pre-treatment (top) and post-treatment (bottom)

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