The C-Cube Clinical software easily integrates the C-Cube camera into your study protocols.


C-Cube Software


Protocol Management

Protocol Management Outline your clinical study protocols by indicating your lists of subjects, your different visits, times, or measurement zones. You benefit from:
A system with scheduled image capture, automatic data archiving and explicit nomenclature of images.
Export tools for your data and measurements in spreadsheet format compatible with all programs.


Scheduled Image Capture

Scheduled Image Capture The image capture interface lets you visualize and capture images of your subjects following the standard protocol.


The integrated tools help you correctly position the camera with each take.


All the images are automatically named and archived to secure your data.


You can continuously follow the progress of your study.


Analysis and Measurements

Analysis and Measurements The analysis interface lets you browse the images of a study to take metric or colorimetric measurements.
Filter images by subject, visit, or zone and use the follow-up tools to compare different images.
The drawing tools can be used to zoom in on a specific area to calculate surface area, length, color as well as various indexes for the skin such as inflammation or pigmentation.


Artificial Renderings

Artificial Renderings Various artificial rendering modes produce color images illustrating or amplifying specific characteristics of the skin.
Visualize the variations of pigmentation or the presence of erythematous redness.
Export these images as illustrations for your publications or marketing presentations.