High Resolution 3D Reconstruction Software Module



Use the most advanced stereo-photometry techniques to capture 3D high resolution images of the skin, including colour-calibrated texture.


Magnetic Caps



Standard Cap

The innovative physical characteristics are the result of our research to find a way to evenly distribute the pressure while placing the dermoscope. By accomplishing this, the blood flow does not affect the color of the image.

Precision Cap

This cap was specifically designed to observe difficult-to-reach areas.

No Glass Cap

This cap is designed specifically to observe micro-relief and skin grooves. The high-quality images produced allow you to easily identify: wrinkles, scars, acne lesions, as well as any lesions which cannot be touched (open wounds).


Sample Reader

Sample Reader


The Sample Reader is is a versatile accessory that transforms the C-Cube camera into an ex-vivo imager. Thanks to an ingenious system where there is a slide specific to each type of observation, easily capture images of small objects, liquids, powders or creams, or even hair or sample patches.


Calibration Verification Tile

This is a 5cm x 5cm ceramic tile with a matt white surface. Use it as a white standard in quality control procedures to ISO 9000.


Wall Support

Wall Support


This wall support can be fixed to any vertical surface.



Trolley This versatile, height-adjustable trolley makes it easy to perform measurements anywhere.