Prevention Is Better Than Cure; Biox have developed specific cleaning protocols in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have developed extensively tested cleaning protocols for our devices that do not interfere with our measurement results.

Contact us for more details on the protocols.

New Epsilon™ Software Version 3

The latest Version 3 of the Epsilon™ software is here. The following are the main new features:- New skin micro-relief analysis for Snapshot mode. Optional stand-alone software licence for image analysis without a connected instrument. Improved ε-Filter functionality with user-defined filter presets. Improved Group Analysis feature for automated analysis of all snapshot images in a…

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New Epsilon™ Software Version 2_4

The latest Version 2_4 of the Epsilon™ software is here. Apart from numerous tweaks and bug-fixes, it adds the following new functionality:- A Group Analysis Interface has been added to perform analyses automatically on all snapshot images in a selected folder. It can be accessed via the key combination A. New RoI configuration settings have…

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