The latest Version 2_4 of the Epsilon™ software is here. Apart from numerous tweaks and bug-fixes, it adds the following new functionality:-

  1. A Group Analysis Interface has been added to perform analyses automatically on all snapshot images in a selected folder. It can be accessed via the key combination A.
  2. New RoI configuration settings have been added for the Reference Panel in all analysis modes. The RoIs in the two image panels may now be set independently (as before), copied from one to the other, or content-matched with the Analysis Panel RoI.
  3. Displayed histograms now use a logarithmic vertical axis for Npix [%] to better display the very wide range of values (0.001% to 100%) encountered in practice.
  4. A calibration status message has been added to the status bar. Its aim is to remind users that, for best performance, the instrument should be factory recalibrated annually.
  5. The colours used for image background, RoI and filtered-out pixels have been optimised for greater clarity. New controls have also been added to the Colour Selector panel for fine-tuning to user-preference.
  6. Filtered-out pixels are now displayed more clearly in the associated histograms by greying out with the same two shades of grey as used in the images themselves.

Download the install file and updated Software Instruction Manual from the Support section of this website.