The Epsilon™ needs to be connected via USB to a desktop or laptop PC for power, data capture, display, and storage. The compatibility information is as follows:-


1. Hardware Compatibility

The minimum hardware specifications are summarised in the table below:-


Screen resolution 1368*768 pixels
CPU 1.5GHz Dual Core
Main memory 2GBytes
Hard disk 50GBytes free capacity – See Note 1
Interface 1 USB port


Note 1: Mostly required for video storage, where each video can grow up to 550MBytes in size.

This specification excludes low-cost netbooks and tablets.


2. Operating System Compatibility

Operating system compatibility is summarised in the table below. You need Administrator rights for installation, but this is not necessary for subsequent use.


Operating System 32-bit Edition 64-bit Edition
Windows Vista
OK See Note 2
OK See Note 3
Windows 7
Windows 8 & 8.1
Windows 10


Note 2: With Service Pack 2 and all subsequent updates.

Note 3: With Service Pack 1.


3. PC/Laptop Settings

The Epsilon™ needs uninterrupted access to the following:-


A USB connection with the instrument for real-time data transfer. Screen-savers, sleep-mode and hibernation must therefore be disabled.

A permanent storage device such as a hard disk for automatic data storage. Network, cloud or flash drive storage are insufficiently reliable and should not be used.