The accessories described here adapt the Epsilon™ to different measurements tasks


 E005-01: Epsilon™ Rectangular Pressure Plug

This 11.6 x 13mm rectangular pressure plug complements the 8mm diameter circular one included as standard with the Epsilon™. Use it for static and dynamic in-vitro studies of hair hydration, for sebum patch scanning, as well as for other studies with solids and powders.


 E005-05: Epsilon™ O-Ring Sealed Donor Chamber – 5mm Internal Diameter

This donor chamber is fitted with a silicone O-ring that seals against the sensor surface. Use it for in vitro measurements on liquids.


 E006-01: USB-connected Footswitch

This is a sturdy footswitch for operating the Epsilon™ shutter control in Snapshot, Burst and Video imaging modes. It connects directly to a spare USB socket of the PC or laptop and integrates automatically with the Epsilon™ software. Footswitch-triggered image-taking complements the Epsilon™’s mouse- and event-triggered modes.