AquaFlux Model AF200
Instrument Specifications

Sensitivity < 0.07 g/(sq.m h) RMS (1-hour baseline test).
Range to ~250 g/(sq.m h) with 3 mm diameter orifice.
Speed of response 1/e rise/fall times ~9 sec.
Zero recovery time between measurements (site hopping).
Straightforward calibration procedures for users.
Traceable flux density calibration:- < 5% repeatability.
Independent of ambient humidity & ambient air movements.
Insensitive to contact pressure & surface angle.
In-vivo & in-vitro measurement capabilities.
Flux time-series measurement up to 48 hours.


AF200 Probe
Probe Specifications

Ergonomically styled handle with Start/Stop push-button.
Closed measurement chamber with microclimate control.
Waisted measurement chamber, 7-5-7mm diameters.
Measurement chamber length (excluding cap) = 14mm.
Condenser temperature: -7.65°C, Std. Dev. = 0.3°C.
Humidity sensor with inbuilt calibration.
Interchangeable probe caps, autoclavable to 180 °C.
Standard & calibration caps included.
Operating Temperature: 15-28°C.
Operating Humidity: <80% RH, non-condensing.
Weight 200 g.


AF200 Base Unit


Base Unit Specifications

Tough, durable construction.
Probe parking to reduce condenser ice build-up.
Calibrated sensors for ambient humidity and temperature.
USB Interface to PC or laptop.
Protected against input surge current, over-voltage & EMI.
Power requirement: 5 Volt DC, 1.7 Amp max.
Operating Temperature: 15-28°C.
Operating Humidity: <80% RH, non-condensing.
Weight 820 g.


AF200 Power Pack


Power Supply Specifications

External power pack with EN60601 medical use approval.
Universal input power: 90-260 Volt AC, 50-60 Hz.
Stabilised output power: 5 Volt DC, 2 Amp max.
Supplied with European, US or UK pinouts.
Operating Temperature: 15-28 °C.
Operating Humidity: < 80% RH, non-condensing.


AF200 Software


Software Specifications

Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 operating systems.
Supplied with documentation on USB data key.
Measurement control with probe push-button, mouse & keyboard.
Purpose-designed graphical and numerical displays.
Automatic storage of results.
Results stored in spreadsheet-compatible form.
Functions for system verification, calibration and customisation.
Free updates from this website.


Aluminium Case
Shipping Specifications

Aluminium case with the following approximate measurements:-
Length = 39cm
Height = 32cm
Depth = 15cm
Weight = 5kg.