The AquaFlux™ instrument needs to be connected via USB to a desktop or laptop PC for data capture, display, and storage. The compatibility information is as follows:-


1. Hardware Compatibility

The minimum hardware specifications are summarised in the table below:-


Screen resolution 1368*768 pixels
Processor speed 500MHz
Main memory 256MByte
Hard disk 4GBytes free capacity
Interface 1 USB port


This specification excludes low-cost netbooks and tablets.


2. Operating System Compatibility

Operating system compatibility of the current Version 9 of the AquaFlux™ software is summarised in the table below. You need Administrator rights for installation, but this is not necessary for subsequent use.


Operating System 32-bit Edition 64-bit Edition
Windows XP
No Note 1
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8 & 8.1
Windows 10


Note 1:-
The 64-bit edition of Windows XP is not supported in native mode. You can still use such PCs and laptops by installing a compatible guest operating system in a virtual machine such as the excellent and free VMware Player.


3. PC/Laptop Settings

The AquaFlux™ software needs uninterrupted access to the following:-


A USB connection with the instrument for real-time data transfer. Screen-savers, sleep-mode and hibernation must therefore be disabled.

A permanent storage device such as a hard disk for automatic data storage. Network, cloud or flash drive storage are insufficiently reliable and should not be used.