Replacement donor chambers can be used to facilitate AquaFlux™ membrane integrity testing when there are problems coupling to standard donor chambers. Problems we have encountered include dimensional inconsistency of glass donor chambers and designs that cannot accommodate any kind of coupling.


The replacement chambers are precision machined from pure PTFE and give highly repeatable push-seals with minimal force. The flange mating face is fine-machined to less than 1 micron surface roughness to ensure a good seal with the membrane. PTFE is chemically inert and can be cleaned and sterilised with detergents, solvents and heat. It is commonly used for flow cells such as the Bronough and Newcastle cells. We can also produce replacement chambers in Kel-F (also known as CTFE or PTCFE). Kel-F is used in Permegear horizontal in-line cells. Kel-F is more expensive and less inert than PTFE, but it can be polished to a milky transparency and this may sometimes be useful.


Apart from the standard donor chambers illustrated on this page, we can also produce custom designs – just ask.


Replacements for PermeGear Glass Donor Chambers
Dimensions (mm) Order Codes Notes
di do df h Chamber Coupling
9.0 12.8 24.4 16.8 AF007-25 AF007-01 1
11.28 14.0 28.1 18.0 AF007-26 AF007-02 2
15.0 19.0 29.5 18.4 AF007-27 AF007-03 1
Note 1: You can use this coupling with the equivalent PermeGear glass donor chambers, but the fit will vary from chamber to chamber.
Note 2: Replacement donor chambers are essential, because of substantial dimensional inconsistencies in the PermeGear-supplied glass donor chambers.