Desorption measurements using an AquaFlux™ are quick and straighforward. Proceed as follows:-


1. Pre-condition it in a controlled humidity & temperature environment.

2. Place it into a desorption cap of appropriate size.

3. Couple the desorption cap to the AquaFlux™ measurement head.

4. Record a flux time-series with the AquaFlux™ program. That’s it.

5. Remove the dry sample from the desorption cap and weigh it.


The controlled, low humidity within the AquaFlux™ measurement chamber causes any absorbed water in the sample to evaporate.

The time-series data recorded by the AquaFlux™ software includes the time-dependent desorbed water quantity, calculated as the area beneath the flux time-series curve. Use the initial mass of the sample to normalise this to a mass percentage.

Use a range of pre-conditioning humidities to measure sorption isotherms, for example. The method is illustrated in a 2007 SCV conference poster. Click here to download the pdf.