Cell Culture Models Inserts

AF005-Dx-Ly:- Stainless Steel Tube Inserts

These are stainless steel tube inserts, available in three bore diameters (Dx = 3, 5 & 7mm) and three lengths (Ly = 6, 12, & 18mm). Tube wall thickness is 0.5mm. Different parameters to order.

Use such inserts in vitro, inside Franz cell donor chambers or on skin cultures.

Clamp Cap for Inserts

AF005-08:- Standard Clamp Cap

You need a Clamp Cap to fix the inserts shown on this page to the AquaFlux™ measurement head. This cap has a 9mm orifice diameter, recessed on the inside, to accommodate the 11mm diameter flange of the inserts.

Clamp caps are manufactured from a blue plastic in order to distinguish them from similar-looking measurement caps. Do not use clamp caps without inserts for measurement.

Rack & Pinion Probe Stand

With this stand you can easily and quickly mount the AF200 AquaFlux™ probe with the measurement chamber axis vertical, as illustrated below. The rack & pinion mechanism gives precise control of probe height and the brake lever locks the vertical movement. Use it in vitro for experiments requiring a well-controlled contact with delicate samples, such as cultured skin.

AF008-03 Rack & Pinion Stand for the AF200 AquaFlux™ Probe